Christmas Spirits Gift Ideas 2016

It always feels too early to be talking about Christmas Gift buying, but the festivities are just over one month away. Following on from our 2015 gift list, here’s a few suggestions which may help if you’re struggling for inspiration. Boozy Baubles Pickering’s Christmas Gin Baubles (Credit: Pickering’s Gin) Why nobody has done this beforeContinue reading “Christmas Spirits Gift Ideas 2016”

Thanksgiving (Wild) Turkey Cocktails!

We’re not American, but welcome any opportunity to celebrate with drinks. A list of cocktails recipes from Wild Turkey just in time for Thanksgiving gave us just the excuse. We managed to visit the Wild Turkey distillery when in Kentucky last year and although we missed the tour, the modern visitor centre still had aContinue reading “Thanksgiving (Wild) Turkey Cocktails!”

White Stag 2: The Doubling?

The Isle of Arran Distillery releases the new White Stag expression next week; this is the second release which is ‘exclusively’ available to those in the White Stag community i.e. signed up to their website. The Arran White Stag First Release (© Isle of Arran Distillery) Last year’s First Release was unbelievably popular with eagerContinue reading “White Stag 2: The Doubling?”

Braw Spirit’s Christmas Whisky Gift List

It’s getting closer to Christmas; the shops are full of whisky special editions and gift sets and there are plenty of articles like this online. All adds up to a multitude of options for Christmas presents, but what if you are looking for something a little different? We’ve had a think and listed some alternativeContinue reading “Braw Spirit’s Christmas Whisky Gift List”