White Stag 2: The Doubling?

The Isle of Arran Distillery releases the new White Stag expression next week; this is the second release which is ‘exclusively’ available to those in the White Stag community i.e. signed up to their website.

The Arran White Stag First Release (© Isle of Arran Distillery)

Last year’s First Release was unbelievably popular with eager buyers crashing the website on launch day and generating a generous profit for those who chose to flip it on the auction sites.

There were only 214 bottles of the 18 year old First Release which was drawn from a single Sherry Hogshead.

The Second Release is also a single cask but this time it’s a larger Sherry Butt which was filled in 1996. This means the whisky will be either 19 or 20 years old and the increased size results in 525 bottles being available.

At £150 it seems a little steep, but also fair to assume that the price has been adjusted to meet demand — it is in the same range as Arran sell their single cask Festival Bottlings (£135 for the 2016 edition) and is probably a reflection of whisky pricing today.

We’re hopeful of getting a bottle, but given Arran’s increasing popularity it’s definitely going to be a lottery on the website and will no doubt sell out quickly — will keep you posted!

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