Springbank 21 Year Old

Springbank’s revisited 21 Year Old reviewed.

Springbank Distillery turns out some wonderful whiskies and we’ve already expressed our admiration for the 15 Year Old.

The Springbank 21 is the oldest standard expression currently produced and was reintroduced in 2011 after a being withdrawn in 2005 due to a lack of stock. The original 21 is well-regarded by whisky lovers, so how will this one fare?


Straw gold.


Some light smoke in the nose, but mainly heathery honey sweetness.

Also some rich fruit in there too and a bit of musty spice.


That smoke appears right at the start, but almost immediately moves aside to reveal a creamy buttery flavour which is delicious with a thick mouth feel.

Burnt pineapple, slight bitterness and then sweet apple sharpness along with a little waxiness.

The finish is long, dry and sweet with the wax seeming to hold it forever. Very good finish.

Adding water softens the spirit and you get sweet mixed fruit and baked apples.


The complexity of this whisky in both the nose and taste is what makes it hugely interesting and very, very tasty.

So many flavours yet still very balanced, there is no way I’ve done it justice in my notes. All I can say is that it should be high on your must-try list!

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