Wild Turkey 101

Since it’s National Bourbon Day, we review Wild Turkey’s flagship 101 expression.

Wild Turkey 101 is the Lawrenceburg distillery’s flagship expression so for National Bourbon Day 2017, we thought we’d take a look.

The ‘101’ refers to the alcohol strength in proof (50.5% ABV) and this is a Bourbon Whiskey with a mash bill of 75% corn, 13% rye and 12% barley.

It’s matured in barrels with a heavy char to give a stronger colour and flavour to the spirit.

Our notes are below.


Initially rich honey with a slight acetone note.

Some cedar dryness and wood polish along with strong flavours of vanilla and brown sugar.

Pleasantly sweet.


The first thing which struck me was how creamy the texture of the spirit was – lovely texture and coats the mouth well.

Neat, it’s a little sharp with the alcohol content, but still perfectly drinkable and like the nose, strong vanilla and brown sugar notes.

Lemon Bon Bons followed with hints of icing sugar and a citrus freshness which cuts through the sugar sweetness.

Some woody dryness appears as it develops.


The dryness holds the flavour into the medium finish, with burnt sugar, some waxy floor polish and a surpring burst of green apple right at the end.


I really like this Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon; it’s a solid, well balanced dram which can be enjoyed neat, though a few drops of water are probably a good idea to reduce the (almost cask-) strength.

If you haven’t taste Wild Turkey before, then this is the expression to try first.



2 replies on “Wild Turkey 101”

My first introduction to Wild Turkey was the 81 expression.
Found it very bland.
Came across their Rare Breed 112 bottle.
Lovely, rich , smooth & full of flavour.
The 101 ain’t bad either.
At last a whiskey we can agree on!

I’ve not (knowingly) had the 81 but general opinion seems to match your experience so not a whiskey I’m desperate to sample.

I’m sure there are plenty of whisk(e)ys which we’ll agree on – just have to keep trying!

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