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Fun Father’s Day Whisky for all the ‘Funky, Feisty and Youthful’ Dads

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society has the ideal bottle of whisky and membership offer for Father’s Day.

Treat your Dad to a bottle of ‘Funky, feisty and youthful’ whisky from The Scotch Malt Whisky Society for Father’s Day this year on Sunday 18th June.

‘Funky, feisty and youthful’ are not only three words that your father will be happy to hear, they also make up the name of this single cask single malt whisky from the Society’s Sweet, Fruity and Mellow flavour profile.

With an intriguing nose of “cake shops, gardens, foamy bananas, jam and Chinese food on a Fablon-covered wooden table”, this eight-year-old whisky was bottled from a single cask that produced only 270 bottles, making it a very limited edition single malt.

When water is added, the whisky is described as becoming “mellower, but still manages to retain some of its youthful exuberance”, which may also be a fitting description for a lot of dads.

Father’s Day Offer

For the ultimate whisky-loving dad, there is also a special Father’s Day package which includes a bottle of ‘Funky, feisty and youthful’ whisky and a membership to the Society for only £80.

Membership unlocks the doors to the Society’s unparalleled single cask whiskies, tasting events, the award-winning ‘Unfiltered’ magazine and Members Rooms in London, Edinburgh, and around the world.

It’s the first step on an ever-changing sensory adventure that takes enthusiasts on a mouth-watering journey of whisky discovery.

New whiskies are released each month, providing an ever-changing choice of malts to discover.

Included in the offer:

Offer Ends: Friday 30 June

For more Father’s Day gift ideas, visit

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