The Dublin Liberties Tweet Tasting

Another week, another great Tweet Tasting organised by The Whisky Wire. The spirits we’re tasting this time are from the Dublin Whiskey Company’s ‘Dublin Liberties‘ Irish Whiskey brand. The company was taken over by the Quintessential Brands Group in 2016 and the building of a new Distillery in the centre of Historic Dublin shows aContinue reading “The Dublin Liberties Tweet Tasting”

Connemara Peated 12 Year Old

A far as I’m aware, Connemara is still the only peated Irish Whiskey currently in production. Produced by the Kilbeggan Distilling Co with the spirit coming from the Cooley distillery, it’s an unusual expression which we picked up on a whim at Dublin Airport a few years ago. This 12 year old expression is stillContinue reading “Connemara Peated 12 Year Old”

Jack Ryan’s 12 year-old ‘Beggars Bush’ Irish Whiskey

The Ryan Family have been the proprietors of the Beggars Bush Public House on Haddington Road Dublin since 1913, and had historically produced “Ryan’s Malt” in association with Dublin Whiskey Distillery until it closed in 1946. To celebrate the centenary year of ownership, they recreated the whiskey and launched Jack Ryan’s “Beggar’s Bush” 12 yearContinue reading “Jack Ryan’s 12 year-old ‘Beggars Bush’ Irish Whiskey”