Celebrating International Gin & Tonic Day

The Boodles butler offers up some tips for the perfect G&T serve.

We don’t need much persuading to to pour a G&T in the Braw Spirit household, but seeing as it’s International Gin & Tonic Day then this seems a suitable incentive!

There are myriad variations of the classic drink, but we’re fans of keeping it simple and Boodles Gin have helpfully given some tips for the perfect classic G&T serve via the Boodles butler.

Expert advice on the perfect serve

Firstly, choose your gin – Boodles, of course – and the proper tonic to complement it. Fevertree is always a good go-to.

Always follow the concise process of ice first, then gin, then tonic.

Ensure plenty of ice to keep the temperature of your drink lower, meaning the carbon dioxide in your tonic finds it harder to escape, keeping your G&T fizzier for longer.

Always guarantee that you pour your gin to a correct proportion, measuring at 2 oz exactly.

The way you pour the tonic matters too – very slowly to keep the fizz, and balance the flavour of the gin. Pouring the tonic too quickly causes the tonic to fizz to the top of your drink, releasing lots of CO2, which culminates in less fizz in your glass.

Nobody wants a flat G&T, do they?


  • 1 part Boodles Gin
  • 2 parts Premium Tonic Water
  • Shaved Ice
  • Grapefruit wedge

In a tumbler shave a handful of clear ice. Pour one part Boodles Gin and two parts tonic, then stir.

Add grapefruit wedge to the glass and serve. An alpine sharpener delivering complete refreshment.

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