1800 Tequila launches Essential Artist UK series

Rapper Kojey Radical collaborates with the premium Tequila brand for first release in the series.

1800® Tequila, the world’s first super premium tequila, has launched its first Essential Artist UK Series in collaboration with renowned British rapper, musician, poet and multimedia artist, Kojey Radical. 

1800 Tequila which is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave, is a long-standing supporter of the arts community and launched the initiative in the US in 2008 to champion different artists from around the world.  After ten years of successful partnerships with the likes of Shantell Martin, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, this is the first year that the initiative has a UK exclusive. 

Kojey Radical is a multi-hyphenate creative who incorporates storytelling into his work and puts great emphasis on expressing himself creatively – values celebrated by 1800 Tequila.  The three bottle designs entitled; ‘Sugar’, ‘Where do I Begin?’ And ‘Pearly’ are an expression of self-identity and his relationship to music. Kojey explains the inspiration behind each of the designs as follows:

Sugar tells of the first moment Kojey Radical stepped into the gaze of the public eye. The emotions it stirred, the sensations it provoked and the focus it gave him as an artist. 

Where Do I Begin?  is a self-portrait by Kojey Radical that treads through the darkness of his dreams to find the glowing light of his inner strength.

Pearly encapsulates his relationship with music and its therapeutic, self-expressive power… “when I felt lost or disconnected from the world around me I would dance”.  

The limited edition 1800 Silver bottles were launched by Kojey at a launch event on 24th July at Dalston Roof Park in London.  There, Kojey explained his inspiration for the designs and performed a live gig, while guests also enjoyed 1800 Tequila cocktails created by Tequila Educator, Oli Pergl.

The release of these bottles is part of a wider ‘1800 studios’ campaign which includes a summer residency at Dalston Roof Park from 19th July until 1st September. The campaign aims to encourage consumers to live their most authentic lives by harnessing hard work, passion and honesty – something that has always been at the heart of 1800 Tequila and is proudly displayed on the bottle crest.

The exclusive 1800 Tequila bottles are now available from Harrods, and will be available on Amazon from 16th September for £40.

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