Rock Oyster Cask Strength Batch 2

The second batch of Douglas Laing’s Rock Oyster Cask Strength was launched in August 2018, just ahead of National Oyster Day.

The marketing tie-in is obvious, but this doesn’t detract from what is a delicious and slightly unusual blend based around Island whiskies. We were fortunate enough to be given a sample as part of a tweet tasting and it’s only taken this long to actually get around to publishing the review!

Batch 2 is a meaty 56.1% ABV, and 8,400 bottles were produced.

Our notes are below.


The coastal influence is immediately obvious with briney sea salt, some light malt and a hint of sweet citrus. As it opens up, some orange and lemon blossom is detected along with just a hint of ash.


An unexpected ginger note initially and then salty citrus lime. Turns baking sweet with icing sugar and a hint of vanilla before turning darker with a pop of dark chocolate before getting drier and woody.


That chocolate note remains and becomes creamier along with a little floral blossom and that smoky ask arrives just as everything else disappears.


With an RRP of £50, this Rock Oyster Batch Strength #2 is decent value in the current market. It’s falls comfortably into a regular dramming whisky, but that strong coastal profile distinguishes it from the more typical sweet or peated expressions.

Definitely worth a look.

Rock Oyster Cask Strength #2 (Image Credit: Master of Malt)

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