Laphroaig 25 Year Old

We had a great opportunity to sample the Laphroaig 25 year old and what a dram it is – all of the trademark Laphroaig flavours but more depth and subtlety.

The expression is created by marrying Oloroso Sherry Casks with American Bourbon barrels. This gives a different flavour profile to the more typical 10yo and Quarter Cask expressions and bottling at a cask strength 48.9% gives it the body to showcase those flavours.


Sherry sweetness initially with the familiar Laphroaig medicinal peat note emerging but much more subtle than the 10. Slightly vegetal but also a hint of eucalyptus.


The peat is more obvious in the taste with bbq meat notes and soft ash. Sherry sweetness quickly takes over providing dark fruit sweetness which changes to spicy apples.


Lovely long, warm and slightly drying. Subtle fruit and soft ash holds in the finish for a long time.


The Laphroaig 25 is definitely not cheap; when released in 2017 it was around £280 a bottle and (if you can find one), you’ll be spending a lot more nowadays.

The value question of ‘is it worth the money’ is completely up to the individual, however this expression is very, very good whisky being a notable step up from the 18 year old and a world away from the more typical expressions.

Worth a go if you can justify it!

laphroaig 25

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