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Lonewolf Gin and Tonic (and pop-up vending machine!)

Lone Wolf Spirt’s G&T Vending Machine arrives in Edinburgh, plus a review.

BrewDog’s spirits business, Lone Wolf released their debut gin last year and it’s been typically well received.

Although the brand has been much more understated than BrewDog’s typical beer marketing, the flavours in the gin are just as bold with Scots pine needles, lavender and Kaffir lime leaf amongst the flavours.

I wasn’t aware that they also produced a pre-mixed Gin & Tonic so it was very convenient to discover this as a result of walking past the pop-up G&T ‘vending machine’ which has been set up at the old RBS branch on the west end of George Street.

Pouring the 330ml can into a glass with ice, the grapefruit peel and lavender notes are immediately present on the nose.

Having a taste reveals a drink of two halves – the initial tastes are very light and citrus driven, with a fresh lime tang on the front of the tongue.

As it moves toward the back of the mouth, it gets more bitter with an almost wooded dryness coming from that Scots Pine and a hint of pepper.

The finish continues to be bitter, with the juniper becoming more prominent.

Overall for a pre-mixed drink, it’s a good quality – for me, the bitter finish isn’t to my taste, but for fans of more ‘robust’ gins, then definitely worth a look.

For people in Edinburgh, the #wolfofgeorgest popup runs for the next could of weeks; this article in the Scotsman gives more details.

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Vending image courtesy of Lone Wolf Spirits

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