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‘Patrick Geddes’ cocktail at the Permit Room

The Permit Room will serve a special late-night whisky cocktail for Burns Night.

Edinburgh cocktail bar The Permit Room, hidden beneath the kitchen of Dishoom in St. Andrew Square, will be celebrating Burns Night with a cocktail that pays homage to a lovely Bombay-Edinburgh connection.

The bespoke drink, called The Patrick Geddes, will be available from Burns Night and then as part of a special offer during the Edinburgh Restaurant Festival in February.

It is named after Sir Patrick Geddes – distinguished Scotsman, botanist, ecologist, sociologist, town planner and social reformer – who was a long-time resident of both Edinburgh and Bombay, and had a significant influence on both cities.

Celebrating this little-known Bombay-Scotland connection, the drink combines Monkey Shoulder, which contains three whiskies from Speyside, and Amrut Fusion Indian single malt whisky, made from barley from both Scotland and India.

Other ingredients include Punch a la Ford (an aged punch that is made by steeping lemon rinds in alcohol), lemon juice, black pepper and a hop foam from Tempest Brewing Co.’s Elemental Dark Ale.

The Patrick Geddes has been created by Dishoom Edinburgh’s Head Bartender, Will Salisbury, and is available until 3am every night from Burns Night on 25th January to 25th February for £9.

Carl Brown, Dishoom’s award-winning Daru-walla (drink guy) said: “In celebration of this Bombay-Scotland connection and Burns Night, Will has developed a seriously special and delicious cocktail that showcases the versatility of whisky and the first-class craftsmanship that goes into our tipples.”


Edinburgh Restaurant Festival

The cocktail will continue to be available throughout the Edinburgh Restaurant Festival (5th – 25th February 2018), where Dishoom and The Permit Room will also be serving a delicious Lamb Raan Bun for lunch and dinner.

The Lamb Raan Bun is a hearty feast for one, with juicy, slow-cooked, pulled Scottish lamb, piled up in a soft sourdough bun and served with Dishoom Slaw, sali crisp-chips (sweet and spicy, skinny potato crisps), and fried green chillies. It will be sold throughout the festival for £12.90.

The Permit Room, 3A St Andrew Square, is open every evening from 5pm until 3am. Reservations are available for groups of up to 12 guests from 5pm until 1:30am every night. For all reservation enquiries please email

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