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An Old Fashioned kind of love

Bars set for Old Fashioned Cocktail Week 2-11 November 2017.

With five weeks to go until the global celebration that is Old Fashioned Week, over 300 top-class bars have signed up so far, from Australia to Alaska – including a new museum.

They can all be seen on the OFW global map and each will offer a menu of different Old Fashioned Cocktails – Look out for classics, innovative creations, or surprises with a twist.

Bars can sign up by the end of October, to have their creations publicized on and shops are also welcome to participate to encourage cocktail enthusiasts to mix at home.

Heading the leader board so far, in terms of countries with the most bars participating, are Spain, France, Italy, Hong Kong and UK.

Amongst the 25 countries represented, there are also bars from Serbia, Ukraine, Brazil, Peru and Argentina which have also signed up. Old Fashioned Week is a celebration of cocktail heritage and bartenders’ skills.

It also encourages fresh thinking, innovation, and convivial drinking, and is being promoted by an embassy of 12 OFW ambassadors worldwide. For the second year running, the top 50 bars in the highly respected league of elite ‘World’s 50 Best Bars’ were asked: “What cocktail do you sell the most?” Answer: “The Old Fashioned”.

For ten days in November, bartenders around the world will rally to set aside their shakers, and reach for their mixing spoons. Old Fashioned Week (OFW) will sweep into town for this global celebration of the father of all cocktails.

Intending to double the impact from its second year in 2016, Old Fashioned Week 2017 now launches with ambassadors in ten zones, to cover most of the world’s most high profile cocktail cities. This embassy of top spirits experts and writers will help inspire bars to serve up the most classic, innovative, original, premium or daringly different Old Fashioned cocktails. They aim to extend the legend that makes it the most enduring and popular cocktail in quality bars (in the World’s 50 Best Bars).

Old Fashioned Week has blossomed from its modest creation by Michael Landart of popular neighbourhood bar Maria Loca in Paris, and rum enthusiast Cyrille Hugon, to become a worldwide celebration.

For 2017, it partners internationally with six renowned brands: Angostura Bitters, Havana Club rum, Altos tequila (for US activities), J.M Agricole Rhum from Martinique, Monkey Shoulder blended Scotch malt whisky, Wild Turkey bourbon whiskey.

Old Fashioned Week +Partners

Participating bars will serve Old Fashioneds using at least two of these brands. Beyond that, they can freely use their other regular listed spirits. Consumers can expect to enjoy individually conceived events, promotions, and generally good old fashioned drinking fun. Bars, and also shops, can announce their activities on the Old Fashioned Week website and show off their creations via OFW social media – where innovation is always a point of positive controversy: Anyone for a gin Old Fashioned?

Twitter: @OldFWeek #OldFashionedWeek

Instagram & Facebook: OldFashionedWeek

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