The Corriemhor Cigar Reserve

An unusual single malt from Richard Paterson, designed to match cuban cigars.

I was given a bottle of The Corriemohr whisky as a gift a while back and although most of the bottle has now gone, we hadn’t got around to writing up some proper notes.

It was created by Dalmore’s Richard Paterson to complement ‘the finest cuban cigars’. As the man responsible for creating gems such as the much-loved Dalmore Cigar Malt, you’d expect this this would be good.

It’s difficult to find out much more information as the Corriemohr website appears to be defunct and producers Peats Beast Ltd have no mention of the expression on their site.

That said, we know this much – it’s a single malt with no age statement, matured in both sherry and bourbon casks and bottled at a healthy 46% ABV.

Our notes are below.


Immediate hit of vanilla with green apples on first nose. Slightly citrus with lemon and lime, but also some pineapple and green banana emerge.

A note of creamy butter appears, but only fleeting.

As it opens up it remains fruity, but more ‘jammy’ with blackcurrant and strawberry becoming more prominent.

It’s a lovely fresh nose.


Quite citrus at first, but more bitter orange than lemon. Ever so slightly waxy with furniture polish perfume, then burnt sugar comes in and dominates.

As it develops the fruit subsides and things turn darker with leather, fresh tobacco and ash dryness taking over, but there’s a pleasant brown sugar sweetness which carries through.


The tobacco dryness remains and coats the mouth with the final flavours turning slightly damp and woody however that sugar sweetness remains until the end.

Medium length finish with the dryness holds the ash bitterness for a while.


The pairing credentials of The Corriemhor are clear, if not in the nose then definitely with the taste.

It’s quite robust at the end as a neat drink, but you can almost taste the burning tobacco in the finish and I’d imagine it goes particularly well with a Cuban cigar.

Given the likelihood that the whisky has come from the Whyte & Mackay stables, then I’d hazard a guess that it’s from Jura, since some of the characteristic remind me of their peated expressions such as Superstition or Prophecy.

If you’re a cigar smoker, then it’s definitely worth a look however for something slightly different, then still worth trying.
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