Firkin Gin – Batch 4

A review of Firkin Gin’s excellent ‘Islay rested’ Batch 4

Firkin Gin has been around for a couple of years now and after attending the launch, we were interested to try one of the more recent releases.

Although similar products now have been released to the market, Firkin was the first gin we’d seen which was matured in ex-whisky casks to give a unique flavour to each release.

Batch 4 was ‘rested’ in a cask which had previously held a 10-year old Lagavulin. Although the full bottle was sold out, we managed to purchase a sample from the fine people at Master of Malt.

It’s bottled at 46% and our tasting notes are below:


Mouthwatering. Clearly a gin, but juniper isn’t a strong scent in the nose, rather fresh citrus fruits dominate; pink grapefruit, ripe lemon and a hint of Seville orange.

Slightly waxy, floral note appears after a little time and just a hint of vanilla.


The Lagavulin cask influence is immediate with a big punch of peaty smoke in the flavour.

As it develops, the smoke subsides and the citrus from the nose kicks in. This brings the grapefruit note from the nose, but also a slightly soapy confectionery flavour, like cherry lip sweets.


A burst of salty, peppery smoke arrives before being replaced by a fragrant sichuan pepper note.

This continues into the medium length, waxy floral finish which coats the mouth.


We’ve not tried Firkin with either of the recommended pairings of Fentimans Rose Lemonade or Ginger Beer, but it is delicious on its own or with ice.

The combination of the London Dry Gin recipe and the Islay cask gives it a hugely interesting flavour and the 46% strength gives the sprit enough body to hold it’s own as a neat drink.

I’m really pleased that Batch 4 is as good as the original Firkin Gin and look forward to future releases.

Finally to celebrate their second anniversary, Derek and the Firkin Gin team are having a cocktail evening at Edinburgh’s 56 North with tickets and more information at Eventbrite.

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