Abrachan Blended Malt

Abrachan Blended Malt is an expression produced by Lidl and is part of the standard spirits range.

It comprises of single malt whiskies which have been matured in 3 different casks; Bourbon Barrels, Oloroso Sherry Butts and Tawny Port Pipes before being vatted together to make the blend.

It doesn’t carry an age statement, but is bottled at a slightly stronger 42%.

Despite being only £17.99 a bottle, it has won several awards including Silver at the 2014 IWCS and 2015 International Spirits Challenge.

We first tasted it at Lidl’s Christmas Spirit event and they very kindly sent us a bottle to let us write up a proper review.


Rich fruit jumps out at first — sherry Christmas cake, but sweeter more candied fruit as well. A hint of vanilla too and some malty notes.

Big fig flavours appear but there’s a dark sugar / treacle undercurrent.

Black cherries detected and then perfumed sugar with pear drops.

A really pleasant, mouthwatering nose.


Quite a rich mouthfeel — smooth arrival with the dark cherries being the first flavour, but then quickly overtaken with some more bitter notes.

Clove and orange can be detected, but then burnt toffee, dried ginger and bitter dark chocolate with some leathery dryness.

It sweetens up with dried fruit just before the finish.


The finish isn’t hugely long, but there’s a woody dryness which keeps it lingering and the oily texture prevents it being washed away.

Really very pleasant.


I think anyone blind-tasting Abrachan would judge it to be more expensive than is it. It’s a good whisky anyway, but when you factor in the price, it makes it a great whisky.

Whilst not the most complex of spirits, the flavours are very good and it balances being approachable and interesting with ease.

At £17.99 a bottle, this is definitely a bottle to take a look at.

Thanks to Lidl UK for the sample bottle; Abrachan is part of the standard Lidl Sprits range and should be available from all stores.

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