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Rare cask of Scotch whisky released from historic Highland distillery

Limited edition dram from Dallas Dhu goes on sale.

Limited edition dram from Dallas Dhu goes on sale

A very rare bottling has seen a limited edition release of just 100 bottles of a 33 year old expression of the Highland single malt — Dallas Dhu 1974 — from the former Dallas Dhu distillery in Speyside.

This limited edition release is from one of the last remaining cask barrels of the spirit to ever be distilled at Dallas Dhu before production stopped just nine years later, in 1983.

Established in 1899, Dallas Dhu was originally built to supply Glasgow-based blending firm Wright & Greig Ltd with malt whisky for one of their most popular blends, Roderick Dhu. The Victorian distillery went on to successfully produce whisky for 84 years before closing its doors. Since the 19th century it has remained largely untouched by industry developments over the decades, today this small Forres distillery provides visitors with a unique insight into the history and distilling process behind Scotland’s national drink.

Drawing its name from the year of distillation, Dallas Dhu 1974 is a rare full bodied malt whisky, with a gentle smokiness and nutty oak and malt flavours. Each bottle from this limited edition release is individually numbered and comes in a special wooden presentation box, which was hand-carved by Glasgow-based specialists Fourth Floor Furniture.

Natasha Troitino, Head of Retail at Historic Environment Scotland, who operate the Dallas Dhu historic distillery, said: “Distilled in the 1970s and 33 years in the making, we’re pleased to announce this exciting, limited edition release. Dallas Dhu 1974 is a truly rare bottling and one of the last remaining drams that we have from its namesake, when it was an operational distillery.

“With just 100 bottles produced, each one features its bottling number and comes in a carved wooden presentation box. We hope that whisky lovers are really going to enjoy this rare full-bodied malt, from a unique point within Scotland’s national drink history — definitely one for the connoisseurs and collectors alike.

“This release is made doubly special during the year that celebrates all Scotland’s rich larder of produce has to offer, in the ‘Year of Food and Drink’.”

The limited edition Dallas Dhu 1974 70cl single malt whisky is priced at £450.00 and is exclusively available to purchase at the Whisky and Finest Food shop, located within Edinburgh Castle and at Dallas Dhu distillery.

Due to the exclusive nature of this product it is not available to purchase online.

Dallas Dhu 1974 — full tasting note:

A very rare full bodied malt whisky with a gentle smokiness and haunting flavours of nutty oak and malt. Smooth, clean and light on the tongue with a clear hint of honey and overtones of mown grass on the nose. Clean and refreshing on the palate with a nice long finish.

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