SMWS 77.36 – Easy peasy lemon squeezy

A sprightly 13 year old Glen Ord from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society.

This SMWS bottling from Glen Ord was released by the SMWS as part of their ‘Treasured Trio’ in January 2015.

Despite having taken a tour of the distillery, I must admit I’m not that familiar with Glen Ord though that’s explained by the fact that the only official single malt from the distillery, The Singleton of Glen Ord isn’t sold in the UK.

The remaining majority of the spirit goes into blends such as Johnnie Walker.

77.36 is a 13 year old single cask whisky from a Refill Bourbon Hogshead. It was distilled on 3rd April 2001, bottled at 59.3% ABV and is one of only 267 bottles released.


Pale lemon.


Light fresh lemon and lime, with sherbet sugar and a bit of salt.

Quite a punchy nose, mainly due to the ABV and there’s a little earthy jalepeno chilli there too.

Fresh Granny Smith apple sharpness appears right at the end.


Neat, you get a big burst of alcohol at the start but it subsides quickly and becomes quite smooth and sweet with a thick mouthfeel.

The tasting note on the bottle mentions Elderflower cordial and this is spot on for the flavour I tasted; sweet and slightly perfumed.

A little sherbet lemon appears then some dryness in the medium finish. Tropical fruit comes in right at the end.

Water brings out more of the tropical notes, but also increases the dryness with some slightly burnt tastes (Barbecued pineapple?). The lemon fizziness is retained with water which is very pleasant.


I wasn’t sure what to expect with this whisky as to be honest I was initially viewing it as the ‘filler’ of the SMWS set, being both the youngest and probably the cheapest of the three bottles.

It turns out however that it’s a lovely fresh summer whisky which I could imagine enjoying on one of the few proper sunny days we get in this country. It definitely needs water to tame the alcohol sharpness, but otherwise it’s very good.

A pleasant surprise.

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