Lark Single Malt – Cask #205

Lark’s excellent, cask 205 single malt reviewed.

Since it’s World Whisky Day, we thought we’d review something a little different. Tasmanian whisky has gained a good reputation over the last few years with Sullivan’s Cove gaining several medals at the World Whisky Awards.

Lark is the original Tasmanian Whisky, being the first licensed distillery in the region; the current company was founded in 1992. This single cask expression is from cask #205 and is bottled at 58%. It was distilled by Kristy Lark, daughter of distillery founder Bill, distillery manager and former master distiller.

There are no other details on the bottle, but apparently this whisky is around 7 years old and was matured in a cut-down Port cask.


Orange gold.


Full on nose; rich orange and apricot. Bold jammy fruit with a bit of citrus acidity.

As it warms up, creamy buttery fudge comes through after a short time.


Voluptuous with rich fruit, ginger and vanilla cream. A little sharp due to the alcohol strength, but it’s still very drinkable.

Boiled sweets appear and then some dryness comes in, spicy burnt caramel finish into to the finish which is hugely long with some sugared fruit sweetness reappearing right at the end.

Adding water opens it up well – the alcohol sharpness is tamed but the existing flavours remain and soften.


This is the first time I’ve tried a Tasmanian whisky and based on the experience of the Lark Cask 205, it won’t be the last. It’s not the most complex whisky you’ll ever taste, but the bold flavours and amazing voluptuousness of the spirit mean that it’s hugely tasty.

Definitely one to seek out!

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