Aberlour 10 Year Old

Aberlour’s classic entry level expression reviewed.

It’s day 2 of Whisky Month and, staying on the Speyside theme, we’re looking at a classic budget Aberlour.

Aberlour‘s 10 year old expression seems to have been around forever and is one of those whiskies that you’ll see everywhere; bars, supermarkets and corner shops.

It is positioned as the ‘entry level’ single malt in the range, is matured in a combination of bourbon and sherry casks and bottled at 40%.


Yellow gold.


Sweet nose with a slightly synthetic undertone.

Flavours of honey, raisins and slightly floral.


At full strength, it’s light and fruity with medium mouth feel. The sherry influence is clear; mixed fruit dominates though there is also toffee, a bit of spice and a slightly nutty dryness in the finish.

Some cereal flavours appear before the sweet dry finish, which is of medium length.

Adding water brings out a bit more of the fruit richness. It doesn’t change much, however the flavours are balanced and pleasant.


Aberlour 10 is a classic Speyside expression which is now exported to over 50 countries. There is good reason for it’s popularity as it’s accessible, great flavours and very good value.

Don’t go expecting great depth and complexity, however that’s unrealistic given the price.

Get a bottle, put it on your shelf and it will be a whisky to enjoy whatever mood you’re in.

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