SMWS 3.217 – A Delicatessen Shopping Basket

My favourite dram from a sampling of the March 2014 SMWS outturn.

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society released their March Outturn the other day and it seemed rude not to go and have a sample.

I tried a few different drams, but this 16 year old Bowmore from a refill Sherry Butt was a cracker.


Pale sunset.


Slightly medicinal, but plenty of sweetness, more honey than dried fruits though. Maple cured bacon could also be detected.


Silky smooth, there is a lovely thickness to the liquid.

Ash and tar are clearly there, but also dried fruit and more bacon / ham and slight saltiness.

There is some leather and tobacco towards the end with a dryness, but the finishing flavour is best described as cough medicine.

Lovely long finish.


I’m a big fan of sherried Islay whisky and this is lovely. Like the Bowmore Enigma it gives a lovely balance of smoke and sweetness and the cask strength allows a much greater complexity.

I didn’t buy a bottle of this when I tasted it, but am thinking that maybe I should have!

(Featured image: SMWS)

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