Dalmore Tweed Dram 2012

A disappointing NAS expression from Dalmore.

The Dalmore Tweed Dram is part of the Dalmore Rivers Collection which consists of four expressions to celebrate famous Scottish salmons rivers. Dalmore say they will give a donation to the river’s trust for each bottle sold.

We picked up a bottle of the 2012 release last year when passing by the distillery, admittedly swayed as much by the presentation and marketing spiel as anything to do with the whisky itself.

It’s a non-age statement expression, bottled at 40% and, apart from the tasting notes on the packaging, there isn’t any more information given.


Described as “Honey Gold” by Dalmore, I’d suggest more of a light marmalade or cold tea.


Sugary, sweet orange with a buttery richness. Also thought I detected a little pear drop / nail varnish. Pleasant light nose, could be cloying but holds it back enough.


Starts off sweet with the orangey, honey flavours to match the smell. Quite subdued with a little raisin coming through. The sweetness disappears quite quickly and is replaced by a dry, herby bitterness; more orange pith than fruit. The finish doesn’t last long either, just leaving a slightly rough, unpleasant taste in the mouth.

I tried adding water, but this didn’t help at all. The nose wasn’t really changed, but it seemed to wash away any sweetness and leave young whisky rawness in it’s place.

Overall thoughts

I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by the Tweed Dram, but was hoping for something a little different. It’s different, but unfortunately not in a good way. After the pleasant nose, the taste was where things started to unravel. It should be far better in my opinion, lacking the depth of flavour which is promised and a serving up a pretty horrible finish.

It feels like the Dalmore Tweed Dram is trying too hard to deliver something which the (presumably) young spirit cannot deliver. It’s not an expensive bottle at £40, but there are plenty of far better options at this price.

A big disappointment.

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