Introducing a week in whisky…

Since launching Braw Spirit we’ve been reading a lot of whisky-related news and articles, a large number of which seem interesting enough to share with others.

The tricky bit was working out the best method of achieving this; whether to just share each article via Twitter, Facebook or Google+ or produce a more curated ‘digest’ of interesting articles.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying the former method – sharing articles via the Buffer application so that items I’ve selected are pushed out to the social media sites automatically. As anyone who follows us will have seen, this sharing has definitely worked however there were a few technical glitches in the early posts.

The issue we had with this approach is that the Braw Spirit timelines became full of with non-Braw Spirit content and overall it just felt a bit noisy, so we’ve changed it.

“A week in whisky” will now be our weekly blog post containing anything interesting which we’ve read in the previous week. The aim is to publish it on a Friday but we’ll see how it goes.

Any suggestions for content or any other feedback are welcome – just drop us a note on the contact page.

Image credit: vierdrie / sxc

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